Blacktroniks comes and Guest DJ’s: Where are all the Electronica Heads at? Discography

November 26, 2009
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Intro: “Nothing” Blaktronics
Interlude 1: “Too Complicated” Blaktronics
Interlude2: “Blow You” Blaktronics
Interlude3: “What you know Good” Blaktronics
Outro: “Solar Activity” Blaktronics


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Integration a Myth or Reality Discography

November 21, 2009
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Intro: “Fate or Destiny” Instrumental, No Id
Interlude 1: Sample Lesson, Questlove
Interlude2: “Copa”, De La Soul
Interlude3: “Anjel Dust”, Gil Scott Heron
Outro: “Lifestyle”, Mighty Ryede

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Groovetalkradio is canceled for this week

November 9, 2009
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Sorry folks,

I have to cancel this week’s show for November 9th 2009. We will be back next week, after I rid myself of this cold.

Badian 37
Executive Producer, Groovetalkradio

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Piracy Part 2 Discography

November 5, 2009
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Intro: DV-One Podcast, “De la ALC Jus B”
Interlude 1: Mos Def, Featuring Slick Rick, “Wahid”
Interlude 2: 4Hero, “Best Way to Start the Day”, Ben Harper’s “Faded” Remix
Interlude 3: DJ Parler, “J Dilla Sampology”
Outro: The Pharcyde: “Otha Fish” Instrumental

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