70’s B-Movies Discography

May 14, 2010
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Intro: Royal Flush, “Move on your weak production”
Interlude 1: Q-Tip, “ManWomanBoogie”
Interlude 2: Tony Touch, “Taco Tuesday Radio Show”
Interlude3: Keith Mansfield, “Morning Broadway”
Outro: PSK, “Schooly D’


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Leaving Oakland: Discography

May 4, 2010
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Intro: “Instrumentals Lost Mix”, E’s E NYC Trust
Interlude 1: “BYS”, Gangstarr
Interlude 2: “Mello Decision”, SE
Interlude 3: “Soundtracks by the River” Mix, E’s E NYC Trust
Outro: “The Final Thrill”, K Def

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Black Men:What are you tired of Discography

April 13, 2010
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Intro: DJ Babu, “Leon is Kool”
Interlude 1: Dam the Fudmuch, “Go Figure”
Interlude 2: Rob Victum, “Sien Pang”
Interlude 3: Aloe Blacc, “I need a Dollar”
Outro: Reanimtor Best Beats Vol. 1, “Everything Disintegrates”

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Black Bachelor Part 2 Discography

March 31, 2010
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Intro: “Burning Spear”, S.O.U.L.
Interlude 1: “Dedicated”, EDOG
Interlude 2: “Hope”, Rahel
Interlude 3: “The Question Remainz”-Instrumental “Gangstarr”
Outro: “Slip into the Darkness”, Ramsey Louis Trio

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Black Bachelor Discography

March 24, 2010
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Intro: Session 31 “Watch for the Fuzz”
Interlude 1: “Can I” Stezo Instrumental
Outro: “I Say Peace” Dela Changes in the Atmosphere

So much talk, I didn’t get to play all the music arranged for the show!LOL!!!

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Groovetalkradio Challenge: Discography

March 4, 2010
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Intro: “Sally”, Frank Pleyer Big Band from Strange Breaks & Mr. Thing Vol. II
Interlude 1: “Prospertiy, Peace, and Paper” Tribe Called Quest
Interlude 2: “844”, 9th Wonder
Interlude 3: “Person to Person”, Average White Band”
Outro: “The Chronicles”, Peanut Butter Wolf-Stones Throw

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Open Topic: Discography

February 17, 2010
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Intro: ‘We and the Sea” Tamba 4
Interlude 1: “Nas , Grand Wizard, and others Freestyle” Stretch and Bobbito Show 93’ NYC
Interlude 2: “Someday” Radical Burns
Interlude 3: “Emanative” Naimna
Outro: “Rivoliziane Sessantanmrea” Mellow

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Has Terrorism become mundane discography

February 10, 2010
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Intro: “Get up” Instrumental, Salt and Pepa, produced by Herbie Love Bug
Interlude 1: “I learned the hard way”, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings
Interlude 2: “Da Hype”, Eric Sermon
Interlude3: “Innercity Boundaries”, Instrumental, Freestyle Fellowship
Outro : “Don’t Sleep”, Soundlab Mixtape, Deffenders

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The Revolution will not be Televised: Disography

February 3, 2010
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Intro: “Loungin”, Guru Jazzmatazz Instrumental
Interlude 1: “I weigh with Kilos”, Jimmy Van and Richard Hieronymus
Interlude 2: “Benny and the Jets”, “Bizmarkie”
Interlude 3: “93 til Infinity”, Souls of Mischief Instrumental
Outro: “Outro” Instrumental Sadat X

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Open Season :Discography

January 22, 2010
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Intro: “The Detectives”, Alan Tew
Interlude 1: “2009 Rap Up”, Skills
Interlude 2: “Troubled People”, Heads of Family
Interlude 3: “New Year’s Day”, U2 live
Outro: “Dry Spell”, Meters

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